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Grease Gun Problem

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I just tried to use my Turner/Dualco grease gun for the first time yesterday, and after the first two pivots it stopped working. I tried a few minor things to get it going again, but failed.

Any suggestions? This was the first time I used it, so I have trouble imagining it's broken already.
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It's probably not primed.

I find I've got to squeeze all the air out of the grease tube before screwing it on and then leave it sitting with the tube up when not in use to keep it primed.
Yup, like danno said, vapor-lock. I put a big spring binder clip on my tube to keep pressure on it so that it will force bubbles through the pump head.
also ive heard it said a quick dip in some hot water frees things up. i too suffered from the dreaded dualco diss but dannos trick worked wonders. im diggin cheeses clip idea at the moment and will try that. any need to reprime after the clip was added?
Very useful thread! I was having the same problem and was about to call Turner to complain about the lousy grease gun they sold me. Makes sense that it just needs to be primed. Once again the Turner Forum comes through. Fortunately, my trusty Burner hasn't been squeaking, despite my inability to lube the pivots.
a better solution is to buy a the gun with the metal canister. It has a spring loaded bottom that keeps the air out. Just replace the tip with the turner one. You don't get the broken thread on the tube mess either
all true brian. by the way, congrats on yer reincarnation as a bike geek. i loved yer work in the stones.
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