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Assuming that Corsair can deliver on their promise of a Jan 1 delivery date for some Maelstrom frames (I'm not holding my breath), I'm gonna be ordering a full build through Go Ride in the next couple of weeks.

I've currently got the build spec'd with Gravity Light cranks. I've heard nothing but good things about the Atlas FR, though. So, now that I'm getting down to the wire, I'm starting to second guess my Gravity Light choice.

This is going to be a heavy AM and FR bike. By that, I mean that I'm going to be pedaling this bike a fair amount. I mash. I'm not a particularly technical climber....I just rely on guts to get me up the hill.

Which crankset (between the GL and the Atlas) would you choose? And why?


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I'm 250# and have had a set of the GL's for about 9 months now on my RFX. I have not has a single issue with them, they have held up on 1-2 ft drops and my particular odd style of mashing the bike uphill. Seem as sturdy as XT's. There are a couple of guys out there running them on Highlines also with no issues.

I really like the look of the new Saints as well.

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venom600 said:
XT doesn't come in 83mm bb, does it?

I might take a look at the new Saints though.

A racer-friend of mine came up with this modification. It's a lot of work for XT cranks, but it's light. I haven't got weights on the new Saints, but that's going to be my choice. ;)
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