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Gravel/trails for mountain biking Wells, ME?

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Hi I’m staying in Wells for a week. I brought a mountain bike in hopes of getting some rides in. Any recommendations for some gravel or trails. Something not in route 1 traffic? Thanks!
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Eastern trail runs from kennebunk to scarborough, and its primarily gravel. Also in Kennebunk, there is the kennebunk bridal path which is mostly gravel. Lots of gravel out by the mount agamenticus area too.
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close-ish (short drive) to Wells is Mt Agamenticus, lots of actual stiff bony trails on both sides of Mountain Road. Best place to MTB for miles. it has miles gravel roads too, surrounding it, again, both sides of Mountain road. killer stuff

Mountain road from east to west, turns to pure gravel at the base, and you can pick up more gravel roads off that to the north and work your way around it....these are bonier roads than just graded gravel but harden up your gravel bike can handle it....but I recommend MTB 'cuz aggie has a lotta babyheads and rock and that is the fun stuff. also many stiff climbs to the top. super fun if you got the mustard.

Lets say this, do NOT miss out, you must go if you've never been. even has a paved climb to the top and gravel paths around the top, so ride from Wells to Aggie and back is a great ride too.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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