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Not so bad

Fillet-brazed said:
Dude, you missed the best part of this auction.... the parts!

Im a bit surprised you havent put in a bid just for a complete NOS STX build kit. ;)
STX/RC is not that bad. Worked awesome for me on a Voodoo in '97. My 2nd MTB. My first was actually an HKII from '91 I think. White and the first 1 1/4 stem. Am I correct? Or was it some Fisher innovation that I was buying?

I weighed some of the STX parts and they were lighter than XTR & XT.

I would love to find the sticker kit for the "Dead" bike. I may just buy the frame that is also for sale. But, the wife would not be pleased. I have toooooo many bikes as it is.

"But honey, I'm a Dead Head. And I took you to Vegas to see 'em. Remember?"
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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