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Grand Ridge& Duthie RR

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Started in Issaquah at 7:30, cold and clear. Up the RR grade, switch backs then to the retention pond, the new trail that will connect to the soccer fields then over the top and down to the new bridge.

Some recent work above the bridge, the classic off camber turn to slow you down

Never thought I'd see this

Bridge and punchon

Then across the bog and on to Duthie

Yet another log ride in the works

After riding all 3 XC loops it was time to head back over the ridge to Issaquah. 20 miles, maybe a few more?
Took about 6 hours but I was in no hurry 'cause it was such a nice day.

Trails were in great shape.
WTA will be there Tuesday - Saturday for the next 2 weeks.
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Moved to Boulder, CO at the end of the summer. A very (VERY!!) overrated place for all MTB activities. The Tri/roadie scene seemed...well, as roadie as ever. Lots of anti-biking people, and jerk bikers around.

Last week I decided to move back to WA. Will be living in Issaquah, so I am stoked to hit up these new trails and do some work.

Thanks to all the builders for making a place that someone would actually want to live and work near.
Wow. I never thought I'd see a berm on a WTA trail. Unless, hmmm, Flopawn got over there.....

Issaquah Brewpub out to Duthie and back will be the, "New Thrilla"... :thumbsup:
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