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Gran Fondo Ephrata March 13

Ephrata's Gran Fondo. 78 miles of fun. This will be the 2nd year for this ride, last year we had almost 50 riders from around WA State. The ride is roughly 50/50 split between gravel and pavement. You leave town under escort heading uphill to Norton Canyon Rd, gravel for a few miles (6-8?) grades hitting the 6-8%, then blast down Johnson Canyon, pavement till Baird Springs road where you will be a grind up a paved section for several miles to more gravel and then on up to the highest point(road) in Grant County. This is all through rolling dryland wheat fields. Now a down hill blast on gravel for 15+ miles, you can hit 30mph+, just pucker up on the washboards and the corners. Pavement at Crescent Bar then ride towards Wenatchee till you turn on Palisades RD. Refill and rehydrate there before heading back towards the 3 Devils roughly 10 miles in. The gravel starts at the bottom of the first Devil, at aprox 50 miles into the ride, 20% grade, maybe 1/4 mile long then 2 more just not quite as steep but is almost over. Short pavement section then more gravel till you climb to the top of Sheep Canyon RD and pavement, then down the 4 mile canyon, if you have partners 40mph + is easy to hit then a short ride back into EPhrata for a meal and swag.
This is a GREAT way to start the spring.

Last year the top 3 bikes, all within 5 minutes of each other in just over 4 hrs
1. Road bike
2. 1X9 cross
3. 29r MTB

The link below has course map and pic from last years ride. Gran Fondo.html
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