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GPS+Trackmaker+Google Earth = cool trail depictions

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The first image: Garmin etrex strapped to stem; track converted to KMZ file by GPS Trackmaker freeware edition, then edited again in Google Earth to set trail colors and manipulate angle and zoom. Did both runs last Sunday. Wicked steep, wet, jungle. Went over the bars four times. Hugely entertaining, especially for my friends. The second two images are profiles generated by GPS Trackmaker. Location: Tagaytay, Philippines. This is the lip of an ancient volcano.


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Motion Based is an easy site to use also for Garmin products to get a gps track into a kml file (Garmin purchased Motion Based a few months ago).

GPS visualizer is another site that is very powerful. You can upload gps tracks and edit in various ways. The site will also create overlays such as USGS 1m satellite images or USGS topo maps.
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