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GPS for mtn biking??

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Just wondering if Garmin, TomTom, or some company makes handheld GPS devices with local trail maps... I want one.
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Garmin has a bike GPS in the works that will integrate with MotionBased (which Garmin just bought) which will allow you to download tracks for various trails that folks have uploaded, and the unit will show you your position/time relative to the previous rider's position/time. The units is called the Edge. Supposed to come out in January. It's on garmin's site if you look.
awai04 said:
Just wondering if Garmin, TomTom, or some company makes handheld GPS devices with local trail maps... I want one.
A lot of people ride with a handlebar mounted GPS. You can put topo maps on them. Sometimes the trails are there, sometimes they aren't. You can do what NateHawk suggested and download other rider's tracks to follow. I don't believe the Edge will support maps, but you can follow tracks even on a non-mapping GPS.

Here are some of my blog posts that may help clue you in to what can be done...

Online sources of waypoints and tracks

Downloading tracks from MotionBased


Rich Owings

"We were desert mystics, my friends and I, poring over our maps as others do their holy books." - Edward Abbey
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I've been using a Garmin legend for a couple of years now with good results, its a breadcrumb mapper (no loadable maps, just leaves a trail where you've been) only negatives are batterie life (maybe 6or 7 hrs) and its fairly large on your handlebars, I've been waiting for their new one, release date is Jan.06
i've got a garmin geko can download routes, trkpts and waypoints to it...but i just use it to collect tracks from's powered by two AAA batteries...although the thing is smaller than some bars of soap, i recommend getting a unit that is powered by AA batteries at a minimum...the AAA's NIMH batteries do not have long life, probably 4.5 hr realistically...i have done extensive testing with my unit...also, since my unit is small, in tree canopy areas the unit falls out of 3D often because the antenna in the unit is also small..

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