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Hazardous to your health!
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i know its against forum ethics to ask several question in on thread but here goes...

I almost never ride alone mainly for the exact purpose that i cannot really make calls. im hard of hearing and cannot understand what is being said on the other side of the phone converstation ( i do perfectly fine in person). now here is the question/sitauation. i have once called in a crime to 911, where i gave them my name, location, nature of emergency, all without knowing what the other operator was saying or even if they undersood me ( i can hear wen someone is talking tho, understanding is different) and a police officer responded. but i have NO idea if they responded to my call or someone elses.....

please keep in mind i would probably have no idea what is being said on the other side....(sometimes i get lucky tho)

Question one: if i call them with a one sided convo and give them my name, nature of emergency and my exact gps coordinates (twice, maybe even three times) will i get saved or will i die there?

Question two: can i even give them gps coordinates?

Question Three: WTF do i do with my bike? i assume they wont take my bike lol i heard of a friend who crawled to his bike and threw his bike into the bushes, lated asked a friend to go get it for not sure my friends are this nice and i dont carry locks with me lol since they are heavy!

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