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bkgd -
my weight= about 250
riding style = i live in south florida so mostly trail roots/ small jumps/ excercise
bike = cano f5 with a RS dart2

a couple questions -
1. is it stupid to upgrade the fork on this bike?
2. does my weight limit my fork choices? air vs coil vs aircoil?
3. would a '06 marz dj3 for 85 bucks fit my riding type?

i am also looking at a '06 marz mx comp / RS tora 318

could someone give me some advice or direct me to the right place just getting confused the more i research

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Not only does your weight and....

riding style enter into it, how you like your fork to feel and perform plays a big role as well. At 250 you'll over power most of the light weight cross country type air forks out there and raise particular ned with air seals and such. Plus many XC oriented forks will be rather flexy under you. So I would say look more into an All Mountian fork, preferably something in the 100mm travel range. But it is tough to find a coil sprung fork with a high enough spring rate choice for us "Clydes" that tip the scales much over 220 lbs. But it can be done.

The Marzocchi DJ series of forks is an often overlooked option for heavy riders. To many times we get hung up on the Dirt Jumping designation. The idea behind the DJ is that it IS set up specifically for Dirt Jump. The dampers are valved stiffer, the spring rates are set stiffer, and the fork is designed to take the beating that dirt jumping dishes out. The bottom line is, the fork is heavier, more stiffly sprung, and has heavier duty damping than an average XC or All Mountain fork. This sounds like a 250lb + Clyde fork to me!!! The thing that you have to keep in mind is that the fork WILL feel stiffer. It's not a nice plush fork, won't be as active on the small stuff and be a little harsher than you are used to. But at $85 you can afford to try different spring rates, go to lighter weight oil, generally fiddle with it until you get it close to the way you want it. Also the coil sprung/air preload type forks work well for Clydes. Air to set the sag, then coil to do most of the suspension work. The only thing that needs to be checked is if there are heavier than stock coils available.

I'm not saying that it would be the best feeling fork you ever owned, but I'd be willing to bet it would be one of the most durable.

The MX Comp would also be a reasonable choice. Air/coil and a reasonably stiff chasis. Not as stiff as the DJ, but stiff enough. More of an XC oriented fork so it will be more active than the DJ.

The Tora 318 would be an okay fork too. Heavy, but with steel stanchions and steerer tube it would be durable. It is a coil only fork and the heavy springs are rated for simply 180 + rider weight. So whether they would be suitable for a 250lb rider is a guess.

Anyway to answer your basic questions.

1. Yes it's worth it to upgrade the suspension on that bike. Any bike will benefit from a suspension upgrade. It just depends on the frame and how much you like it and how long you intend to keep it and how much cash your willing to sink into it. If it's worth it to you, then it's worth it.

2. Yes your weight sort of limits your choices. Modern air forks have become much more "Clyde Friendly" so don't count them out entirely, it depends allot more on construction now days. But you'll need to steer clear of very light weight Cross Contry forks like the Rock Shox SID, Manitou R7 and the like.

3. See the above. The DJ would feel stiff and be heavy. But with a little tuning it could well be made to work. But if you are looking for a highly active fork then I would choose something else.

Personally, I run about 230 lbs and have ridden A Marzocchi MX Comp for a couple of years, and a Manitou Black as well. Both work well enough. And I've test ridden a properly set up Rock Shox Reba Race. I'm going for a Race as soon as I can afford it. So there you have it, an Air/Coil, Full Coil, and an Air fork that all work for a Clyde. So, your choice, I'm sure you can find something that will work for you. Just don't go ultra light and you'll be fine.

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As Squash said.. Take a look at the RS Tora 318..if you budget allows you could also look at the RS Recon....

The MX is a great platform too

you could also look for a last year manitou minute (or as you said a black)
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