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Got my 29er

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So yesterday I set off on a 6.5 mile run to the bike shop with the plan of running there, buying bike and some accessories like a flat repair kit and ride back, and put it in the back seat of my truck. So with ID card, debit card, and truck key in my ID card pocket, I headed out on my run along the railroad tracks next to the Hudson River. Could not have asked for better weather. I was constantly checking to make sure my key was still present but even with all of that it fell out. I continued to the store figuring I would see it easily on the way back but did this was not the case. I rode and walked the mile and a half stretch where I could have lost it three times to no key but that's not what this story is about.

I get to the shop and look over an xcaliber 7 from trek in a sweet orange color decided I like it and it fit so bought it, they did a check of the bike to make sure it was good to go and put on some metal pedals for me. After getting used to the shifting riding on the sidewalk, I got onto the road since there was little traffic and I was able to move fairly quickly. Those hills that I sucked wind running up we're a blast riding down and it soaked up the bumps well. Going uphill it could do it but between the run and all of the walking and riding looking for that darn key, my legs were on fire. I wasn't in a mood to take pictures but I'll try to get some at some point. Hopefully I have better luck scouring the service road on foot but there are two bridges that are short but would not hold a ket and it would find a watery grave.

Overall loving the bike, butt was sore but it is all worth it.

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Nice story, hope you find your key. Key rings are a nice invention BTW,
Yeah, it would be a great thing if it would have fit in my pocket. Army PT shorts have two pockets. One that barely fits a phone if I take the case off and another that is big enough for an ID card sized object.

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One of the few reasons that I wear a "biking jersey" they have the cinch top pockets in the back that allow for stuff like that. Been there and done that, dropped phone on the trail only to realize that it wasnt there. Got lucky though and was able to find it on my own.

If nothing else, if the shorts have a drawstring you can tie your keys into the string, not necessarily the most "ideal" or comfortable place but the Keyfob keys can be quite pricey.
Yep. I have a camelback that is going to serve that purpose. Found my key thankfully
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