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Got a Singlespeed!

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I picked up a 2002 Trek 820 off of ebay, and it arrived today. Apparently the 38-21 gear combo has proper tension, and a straight chainline to run the bike as a singlespeed. I took it to the LBS to get brakes, a new seatpost, new grips, and to get the rear wheel trued. I will go pick it up after work tomorrow.

I now also want a stem closer to the bontrager sport on my 4500, and a similar seat for the 820.

I also wonder if I will have to replace the chain more often as there isn't a way to keep tension as it wears.

I am also wondering if anyone has converted one of these to a "96er or 69er" style, with a 29er up front and a 26er in the rear. I wonder how much the combination of bigger tire and fork, with the angle change would effect handling.

Any thoughts?

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Soon Grasshopper. It is at the LBS now. Going to pick it up this afternoon.
Looks like a fun project. Are you going to ride it in its current state, or eventaully switch to single cogs front and rear, and go with a rigid fork? You certainly got it for a song, although the shipping costs kinda suck.

When you swap that stem, let me know if you would like to donate it to my Trek SS project (or sell it for a few bucks). I'm looking for a long stem with some rise due to the short steerer tube on my frame.

I'm sure you've seen the thread already. Mine's the black 1990 800 with blue lettering.

Got it back from the shop yesterday, I will post pics tonight. Got brakes, some Salsa Pepperjack grips, and a new seatpost. The back wheel that came with the bike was shot, but the BSG found an old junker wheel in the back, we swapped the cassette, and trued up the found wheel, and she's good to go.

I've dropped the stem, and played with the bars. I'm gonna take her for a test ride tonight, provided my should feels up to it(injured it last week).

I did some laps in the parking lot at the apt. complex, and was giddy. I can't wait to get her out onto the trails!:) :thumbsup: :D
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