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Gooseberry conditions for weekend of 1-16

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Anybody got the 411 on the road, and trail conditions this week? I'll be riding there on Sunday.
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Was up on Goose this morning at sunrise - road is dry, trail is mostly dry. It rained a little bit this afternoon but should be dry next couple days. Would strongly recommend early morning when still a bit frozen/solid so as not to damage trail. Mostly dry but still some softer spots at 35 degrees. I'm going up again early Friday.

Little Creek is out - road gets messy near the top, I turned around.

Guacamole, rode this afternoon - trail is perfect but last 1/2 mile of road (north facing) is a mess. I parked at bottom and rode up - trail in great shape with 1 soft spot.
Hey Ben,

I'm thinking about coming down to St. George on Monday with a buddy. You still going to be around?
Sorry Kent, I need to roll back home on Sunday eve after the riding. I wish I could stay one more day, but need to get back for Cesar Chavez day.

Thanks Jwhite for the info.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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