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Google Satellite Maps

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Anyone here tried google Map feature w/ the satellite?
Type any address into the bar and press search.. If you use the satellite feature you can zoom in and find your house, the trails you ride etc... it will also give you directions
here's some images,-116.867795&spn=0.005461,0.004742&t=k&hl=en,-116.851058&spn=0.005461,0.004742&t=k&hl=en,-116.036310&spn=0.005010,0.007693&t=k&hl=en,-116.847925&spn=0.024161,0.031672&t=k&hl=en
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This brought up a little while back...

But yea, it's a pretty convenient feature if it has maps of where you live. But check out that thread to see some other nifty websites--with all of 'em you probably have maps for all of the US.
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