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Northwest Youth Corps and REI are hosting a trailwork session this saturday at 10am at Goodman Creek trail. This will be a joint effort trailwork day with Americorps, Northwest Youth Corps, and volunteers from the community. It would be good to get a large number of us MTBers out to this work event. There will be a hiking club, and a horse club contributing to the trailwork efforts, and we are hoping that we will have more bikers than other groups. We'll be reconstructing a turnpike near the parking lot, re-setting some culverts, laying geotextile and gravel and possibly building some switchback barriers.

This event is sponsored by REI so there will be plenty of tools and gloves on site, and they always give away shwag like t shirts or mugs, plus they will be providing lunch and snacks.

This may be your last chance to do organized trailwork in April. The weather is supposed to be nice all weekend, so everyone come out to Goodman creek on Saturday and we can all ride our bikes on Sunday.

The trailhead and meeting area is at mile marker 21 on the south side of Hwy 58, about 1 mile past the sign anouncing you have entered the Willamette National Forest.

We can set up carpools from Eugene and meet at 9:15am at Amazon Community Center located at Hilyard and East 28th Ave. Please reply here if you plan on attending to help encourage others to come out! Later, Matt
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