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So I've had some changes here at the Casa de MTB. A few old friends went on to new lives.

I gave the Racer X to one of my employees who races the leadville every year and keeps coming back with belt buckles. I figured I'd feather his nest with a new to him race steed. I wish her well.

It was only slightly strange that within a day of me handing her over, Chris Cocalis left Titus.

Also leaving the stable was the Karate Monkey. I waited and waited for this bike. I gazed lustfully at press release photos and waited for the frame to arrive. I rode it in Texas, I rode it in Colorado. We had a great run together.

But it didn't take long for the repple-depple. I had been harboring unclean thoughts about a hardtailish bike to replace the Titus, so meet the new Baby Bruvva:

But a leaning against a picnic table shot just won't do. Luckily, when I rolled into work today on the roadieYeti, my boss took one look at me and admonished me to take the day off. "get out of here and have some fun" I think were his exact words. I was only momentaril unthankful as I thought of the folks heading out on Monarch Crest, pretty much as we spoke. But a gift is a gift and I certainly didn't want to do any equine orthodondy. So after some butterfly stitches applied to loose ends, I rode back home, loaded up the bike and headed out to do some 'splorin'.

Thusly we arrive at the "Where am I?" portion of the post.

Within an hour of home, legal, numbered and showing up on maps singletrack. 11,000 feet. Guesses?

Flinders. These are flinders.

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