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Greetings! I have been using a shimano xt775 wheelset that I bought from amazon for $350 for about 6 months now. I have been very happy so far and thought I had gotten a good deal. I have ridden them through rock gardens, jumps, drops etc. and they have stayed nice and true. I was browsing through ebay yesterday and stumbled on a bidding of a new xt wheelset just like mine that had a few hours left and was going for really cheap. After thinking I had overpaid on amazon I ended jumping on it just for the heck of it and won the bid al 175! Shipping and all, the wheelset came in just below $210. I saw the sellers previous bids and he has sold several of these sets at around that price. The seller seems reputable, says the wheels are brand new with skewers and valves included.

So, whats the consensus on these wheels? Why are they going for so cheap? Are they not that good of a wheelset or did I just get lucky. I dont have much experience with fancy wheels so what makes me happy in a wheelset might not be really that good. Do these have reliability problems, not so light (1700grams), weak, etc? I plan, to put these wheels on a hardtail that the girl friend stole from me.

Here is a link to the ebay auction.
Shimano Deore XT WH M775 26" MTB Bike Wheel Disc Wheelset UST 9mm QR New | eBay

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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