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Hit Moab this past weekend, first time for me and my 66C, rode Porcupine Rim on Friday and Slickrock Saturday (Sunday was rained-out). Two classic rides and just a damn good time overall. This bike far exceeded my expectations on the Rim ride; it was a sweet experience with high-speed being a requirement in many trail sections.

I can only add my 2-cents to the story that's already been told…"this bike comes into its own at-speed and when pushed…wow." :thumbsup: Of course, more than a few humbling experiences and some minor blood-letting along the way. :devil:

Sidenote, if I ever do Slickrock again I'll do it on my steel hard-tail though.

Next up on my SB66C mini bucket-list…Fruita.

That is all…

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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