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Looks like there is some fun in the works! (apologies if it is already posted somewhere)

[For those that don't do the facebook thing]
The Triple DHip DH Stage race - Powered by SRAM. Memorial Day Weekend (May 29-31), 2010. 3 DH stages, ungodly piles of swag to give away, SolVista Bike Park's opening weekend.

- Saturday, May 29:"We talkin' 'bout practice."
- Sunday, May 30: Stage 1 and Stage 2 (chainless)
- Monday, May 31: Stage 3

Categories: TBD
Price: Cheep.
Sanctioning body: unsanctioned at this time
Other Activities: Tickle fights, scrapbooking, sensitivity training (led by Matt Thompson)

A joint production between the SVBP crew (Matt "Cuddles Thompson, Mihai Moga, Steve Wentz) and The Greenspeed Project (MikeMac, Chris Cawley, Spesh Strickland).

1,673 Posts
When can I order a season pass? Same rate as last year?
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