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I'm going to be in Whistler for a work retreat in late September. My plan is to drive up and camp two days prior as well as camp the night after the retreat prior to driving home to Seattle.

I'm planning on bringing my Full Stache (29+ 130mm/140mm) to ride the trail networks in the area, I like super tech, old school trail riding and have no interest in the bike park. However, also have to be careful about exposure and risk since I'm alone. Was planning on staying close enough to village/cell service to get help if needed. Any suggestion appreciated. I've gathered so far to focus on the "Whistler North" area for trial riding, but would appreciate any suggestions.

However, as thread title suggests, also looking to tent camp and possibly do some trout fishing while I'm there. I'll have my fishing kayak with me and would appreciate any suggestions. Ideally, I'd like to find a lake to tent camp at that I can fish between rides.

Realize I'm trying to jam a bunch in but first time doing a trip alone since having kids so just trying to cover all the bases, lol.
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