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In a couple of other sports I do -- windsurfing and surfing -- it sucks to be a clyde. Weight is equivalent to buoyancy (2.2 lbs = 1 litre of water) and you have to ride bigger boards to just begin to overcome serious drag and friction. In those sports bigger boards bounce around and generally are less fun to ride, heavier and harder to get going. The light guys have most of the fun unless the wind is blowing doors off.

in mountain biking there are few buoyancey issues. The ground holds you up, and the weight translates into good downhill rolling speeds - - and your friends like to draft behind you for a change.

Obviously the uphill part of the equation doesn't favor us in a race, but mtb is fun enough that you don't have to race to get your jollies. Among the sports that I do, it's definitely the one I find being a clyde carries the least penalty.

208# in NY
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