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good source on pedaling technique, body position etc

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I have read friel's book for training planning but could use a good resource on bike form. I have adjusted my cycling form quite a bit over the last year and ahve made great improvements. I'm still working on some low back tightness. I want to dial my body position and pedaling stroke.
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Andy pruitt has a pretty good book on bike fit.

As far as pedal efficiency, seems to me that whether or not certain techniques work (ilt's, rollers, fixed geared bikes), is about as controversial as weightlifting for cycling.
Rollers will point out your deficiencies real quick. Do some speed work such as spin ups and even better one leg drills.
One-legged drills are excellent for teaching you how to ride one-legged.
flargle said:
One-legged drills are excellent for teaching you how to ride one-legged.
Isn't that true.

Pedalling technique is pretty controversial.

When top riders pedalling is examined at high power outputs just about everyone of them has really bad technique. Of course the same riders have beautiful technique at low power outputs.
I agree with Anthem, rollers help a bunch with isolating your lower body. I think they are more benificial from this standpoint when ridden with a road bike. At least for me, my road bike is a ton more touchy on the rollers than a MTB would be. It's also a ton more fun.

If you are dealing with some low back tightness, now is a great time to focus on core strength and flexibility. I spend most of my winter on the rollers followed by core and yoga. Helps a ton in season.
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