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I'm staying in the East Bay for an indefinite period of time and I'd like to check out Joaquin Miller. I've ridden there with friends a couple of times, but not often enough to remember what's what, and all the threads I can find have just made me more confused about what's legal and what's not. Can anybody fill me in?

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7-10 miles, 1.5 hours

Take 13 to the Joaquin Miller Road exit
Head up Joaquin Miller Road (you'll pass the pizza place on your left)
About 500 meters up the road, you'll see a baseball field on the other side of the street
Flip a U-turn and park in front of the fountains
Mess around on the shallow steps all around the fountains
As you reach the far end of the fountains (the "downhill" side) you'll notice an access road looping around
Ride up the access road for about 300 meters and you'll reach Lookout Point
Keep going for another 50-100 meters and you'll see an unmarked trail entrance on your left.

Take the trail entrance and go all the way down the trail (I think this is top of the Sinawik trail that quickly turns into Palos Colorados)
Keep the creek on your left side
Palos Colorados eventually crosses the creek at a little stone bridge. Turn right onto Sunset
Follow the Sunset fire road until it turns into singletrack, and get ready to approach $2 Hill
Good luck on $2 Hill. People who can climb it are usually in either 3rd or 4th gear
At the top of $2 Hill, you'll intersect Sequoia Bay View (SBV). Turn right onto SBV
After a very short distance, you'll come out to a roadside convergence of many trails. This is the "main" entrance to JMP
Turn left onto Big Trees and just stay on Big Trees all the way around the loop until it drops you off back onto a new part of SBV
From Big Trees, turn right onto SBV and cruise around. After a bit, the trail will fork - take the left fork to remain on SBV
SBV will take you down a little hill, and will intersect a trail. At this juncture, you turn right to lead to Cinderella, or left for Chaparral

Cinderella is a swoopy roller coaster downhill. Very fun, and lots of opportunities for high-speed wrecks. Chaparral is a very technical downhill with lots of steps, and many opportunities for low-speed endos. There may still be a huge fallen tree halfway down Chaparral, so proceed with caution the first time you go down. I would recommend doing 2 loops so that you experience both Cinderella and Chaparral.

From the bottom of the SBV connector, turn right to go to Cinderella
Follow the trail around and slightly uphill until you approach and access road. *** Before you get to the road, there is a new trail on the left. This is how I get to Cinderella ***
Take that little trail to the left, and that winds you through the woods and spits you out alongside the top of Cinderella
Take a sharp left and have a blast riding down Cinderella
Cinderella ends abruptly, dropping you off at a new area of Sunset trail
Hang a left on Sunset and catch your breath

After a very short time, you'll see some railroad ties on your left. This is the bottom of the Chaparral trail (which you haven't taken yet). Mess around on the railroad ties and keep cruising on Sunset

You'll pass the stone bridge again, and then you'll stay on Sunset to get another crack at $2 Hill
At the top of $2 Hill, turn LEFT this time (unless you feel like tackling Big Trees again)
Take it easy on SBV until you get back to the juncture for Cinderella/Chaparral
This time, turn LEFT and very soon you'll go down the technical downhill section
At the bottom of Chaparral, turn left once again onto Sunset

Pretty soon after turning left onto Sunset, you'll see a little trail off to the right. (This is before the stone bridge.)
Take this new trail on the right, which will take you back into the woods and along the creek, but this time on the other side of the creek (but since you're heading back to the car, the creek will still be on your left, off in the distance)
This connector trail will dump you out at a wooden footbridge. Cross the bridge and turn right. Now you're back at Palos Colorados!
Turn right onto Palos Colorados and climb your way out of JMP, back to the access road at Lookout Point
Follow the access road back down to the fountains

If you're looking for more miles, you can search for Canyon Park Trail, explore more of Palos Colorados, and also do the Sunset Loop. Do a forum search for Dimond Canyon which is on the other side of the road and will add lots of climbing and tight switchbacks. And of course, there's also Redwood Park which is located right next to JMP. Enjoy!
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