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I've talked with Todd a few times, and he's always been helpful and passonite about trail access. And, that's from someone over the southern border. Good luck with your future plans!


Pulled from the MMBA site. (

After many years of dedicated hard work, our Executive Director, Todd Scott, is stepping down. Todd informed me yesterday, that he was resigning effective the Feb 11th MMBA Expo. The board had a previously scheduled meeting last night, so they were informed also.

Todd has committed to help transition many of his day to day duties over to other people after the Expo to help keep our organization running.

I'd like to thank Todd for his many, many years of tireless work for the MMBA, and cyclists in general. Todd has worked in every capacity from chapter president to ED and, sadly, he takes a wealth of experience and knowledge with him. The MMBA will miss him greatly, I'm sure.

I have put together a small task force to work with Todd to make sure we understand all the tasks he was working on and what we need to put in place to keep the organization running forward. We will also be putting a committee in place to look for Todd's replacement.

Again, on behalf of the MMBA, I want to give Todd a huge Thank You for his years of dedication and sincerely wish him well in his future endeavors.

Pat Audet
MMBA President.
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