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Guys: I know there are some of you on this forum who love to put together beater bikes from used parts... I am one of you, thing is, I have an old frame that I want to out together to get a complete bike for my little bro, who's going away to college.
Here's what I need, stuff needs to be in safe condition and decent quality. If someone can offer me all of what I need in one blow, I will be very happy, and very generous in my trade:
-1" threaded headset
-Canti brake levers
-26.8mm seatpost (doesn't need to be long)
-decent saddle
-36h hubs- single, 7, or 8sp
-68mm English bb, 122mm
Here's what I have to offer:
-Chris King FUN bolts for rear hub. Excellent condition.
Shimano XTR Carbon Brakeboosters (2 of them)
-1 crown for MAG21 fork. 1 1/8" threadless. 7.25" long.
-1 Manitou 4 crown. Fits M1,2,3,4, Sport, Magnum, R, and EFC. 1 1/8" threadless. 7 1/8" long.
-1 Scott-Pedersen SE rear U-Brake.
-1 Scott-Pedersen SE front cantilever.
-Avid SD brake levers. Work OK with V-Brakes, well with cantis.
-Generic blue ano cantis.
-Fox fork springs for Vanilla fork. Not sure which forks these work on, they come from a 2002 model.
-42t 58/94mm Girvin Rock Ring.
-42t 4-arm Shimano 9sp chainring. For 2002-2004 model year cranks. New.
-68 x 107mm Shimano XT UN72 bb. 2 of 'em.
-Sack of brake pads. Some V pads (threaded), one pair of XT cantilever cartidge pads, one set of Mathauser canti pads (worn, holder may be useful)
-Odyssey Straddle Rods. NOT COMPACT MODEL. Work with cyclocross brakes.
-120mm Bontrager stem. 1 1/8 threadless. Good for a beater back. I rode trials with this stem.
-46t Shimano 110mm chainring.Good condition.
There are a couple geared items I won't get into as this a Singlespeed page.
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