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Good fork for $300 - $400

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I do a lot of trail riding, fairly aggressive stuff, some smaller drops.I do a lot of trail riding, fairly aggressive stuff, some smaller drops.
I need a new fork for this coming spring.. I was fairly interested in the '06 Fox Float RLC.. and the MZ Z.1 light.. but they're both in the $600 - $700 price range..

Any suggestions for someone who does mostly aggressive xc trail riding, and still wants to be able to tool around town doing some smaller urban stuff, drops and such.. ?

thanks for any input on the topic!
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If I were you i'd try and find some end of year discounts on 2005 models. Depending on your weight, the Rockshox Reba is a prettty damn good fork. Very stiff and very tunable and i think you could pick one up for 400. For aggressive riding, a rockshox Pike is also good and a Fox vanilla you could pick up for around 400 with a little searching. Check ebay if you really want to save.
Unless you're sold on the air forks, I highly recommend going with the Fox Vanilla RLC. It has plush travel, is laterally stiff, and can stand up to some pretty abusive riding. You can set it up internally for 80mm, 100mm or 125mm. The external rebound, compression and preload make it easy to tune according to the task at hand.

I have 3 of them; on a SS, geared HT and a Turner 5 Spot.
My avitar is a pic of me doing a 5 foot to flat drop on my 5 Spot. The fork didn't even hic-up on the landing.
sweet.. I think ebay's gonna be the answer.. there's quite a number of unused '05 float RLC's for sale under $500.. shoulda checked here a while ago.
I just got a Minute 2 for $299 from Jenson. Great fork and I do the same type of riding that you describe. I'm no lightweight either, 190lbs.
I had a Vanilla 125R but that top-out clunk that it had turned me off of Fox stuff.
the 2005 marz am1 can be found for under $400 on ebay and internet retailers if you look and are patient.
05 Reba Team

05 Reba Team for $ 379 at Supergo. Only a few left...
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