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Should I buy this?
Gary Fisher Cobia 29-er Mountain Bike $400 10yr old but unridden. $1,000 new, owner says he's $2,000 into it.
29" wheels
RockShox Tora
"really strong wheel/spoke set that cost $500-ish"
computer, head light, tail light,
Owner spent about $2k total with seat, wheel upgrade, not sure if shocks were stock, or how he got that figure yet.
He's only ridden it for 15 miles somehow.
$400 is on the higher end for an inexpensive used MTN bike that I'm looking for.
If these are air shocks, do they need new seals or something after that time? I looked up Tora and haven't figured out if they are air yet.

I'm looking for a good all around bike, I don't do a ton of riding since I'm a 7 days/week business owner so I don't need super tight handling (29" wheels).
Owner bought it but was too busy with his business to use it. Unless a 15yr old bike is a poor investment, it's obviously a fairly good deal or better I would think.
It got a 3.5/5 stars on bikeradar review but the review was most all positive. Trek Cobia 29er review



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Here's a dumb question, I kind of missed out on this era of technology... How does the fork attach to the hub?

The fork has the thin dropouts of a QR fork, but I'm not seeing a skewer.

Never mind, I guess these are just typical hex key security skewers... never owned any, myself.

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Hobson Pro Hub X2. I had to Google it.....some kind of noseless saddle. Was actually reviewed on this site Hobson Pro Hub X2 Seat... Initial Impressions.
Interesting (in a that thing is weird way), latest version is $90 on Amazon. I was guessing it was one of those outrageously expensive weird things. If that's been on the bike the whole time, it probably hasn't been ridden much at all!

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If you have the money, its pointless to "save" 1000 dollar right now on "deal" over jsut getting a new budget modern bike.

You do not "need" to ride a bike. "Or have super tight handling" but quite frankly any skill level would be better off on something like this.

than an out dated bike, no matter what its rating was back in day. Its like skiing a pair of straight skis. For most of us if given the choice there is no way we ride it over budget modern MTB.
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