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Good Bike Store in Santa Clara CA area?

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I will travel to the Santa Clara CA on the last week of August. I will stay the first weekend in San Francisco and then head for the conference in Santa Clara. Could some one point me to a good bike store that has lots of "bling bling" freeride bike parts.. :D I will rent a car, so it will not be a problem to drive somewhere. (I will be driving to the Gilroy Outlet anyway to get "stuff" for my wife and kids...hehe)

Thank you...

ps. there was something wrong with the forum... I hope my post did not duplicate...
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not sure of any stores in the area...

but, i can point you in the direction of some pimp dirt jumps......
Best store in the south bay for bling is Trailhead Cyclery, in San Jose. Check out their site for directions:

Only two shops in SC that I visit are on the main drag, Calmar Cycles and The Off Ramp. Pretty standard selection at both.
nothing but good things can be said about Calabasas Bike Shop. Great owner, great employees, great selection (Santa Cruz, etc...)
Thank you all, but could you please also post road addresses, because I come from Finland Europe and basically know where San Francisco is.. :)
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