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Good bike builder in LA area?

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Any recommendations for a good shop or mechanic in the LA area that would do a solid pro build on a new bike I'm putting together? Seems like some shops want much more than what I remember a build costing...or aren't too thrilled with building up a bike with a frame/parts not purchased at their shop. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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I have my bikes built up at Summit Ski and bikes in Westchester. Their prices are probably the best in the LA area. They build up frames and parts from other sources all the time, even for me!

Bike Improve in West LA, Nir builds high end mt. bikes and is recommended by this forum. You'll have to talk to Nir about your build.
I'll do it for a case of "real" beer. Seriously. All the correct tools. Building bikes is relaxing for me. I just built my Foes last week. Building wheels goes to my buddy Larry at Ghisallo Wheels but we can get you a deal there too. And I'll teach you so next time you can say you did it yourself!
Here is my Foes that just got built:

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Margaritaman said:
I'll do it for a case of "real" beer. Seriously.
take the deal and learn
Thanks very much to everyone for the recommendations. I really appreciate it. Margaritaman--that is a nice Foes and a very cool offer. I will PM you.
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