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Hello Nor-Nor Calers,

I'll be in Auburn over Thanksgiving and I wanted to ride a similar loop (or maybe less mileage , like 25 miles) like the one ridden on November 5th. I'd like to hit up all these trails but don't know the best way to connect them. I was browsing through the mtbsingletrack link and found some real good info. I would appreciate some suggestions on how to link these trails and the specific names of all the trails ridden. If anyone has some detailed directions please post them, anything would be greatly appreciated.

Also if anyone is riding In Auburn on Friday and they wouldn't mind me tagging along (or pointing me in the right direction), let me know. Thanks.


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Auburn Rides

Two great rides. Unfortunately I've misplaced my maps of this ride :(
Clementine-Foresthill (25 Miles) - I just re-did this route because at some point in time it got trashed.

Everything Auburn (30+ miles covers everything the big MTBR ride had plus a little bit. I suggest starting in the Ravine not on Russell Road.

Update: Found the maps:
This is an aerial view with a map overlay of the Auburn side of the ravine.

Here is a mediocre map of the Foresthill side of the ravine the route marked is for the 30 mile ride but th only difference is the beginning climb.
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