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Gonna Give it a Go(1st build)

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After reading here quite a bit I have decided to attempt a light build. Pics of my subject below. I want to run the 7.2 V battery I already have(from Amoeba set:) ). Not sure which driver to use since the Vf of the XPG's is very near the battery voltage, Ideas? Being that my Amoebas are lighting the way @ present and the drivers I am considering aren't in stock I'm in no big hurry to complete. I will keep ya'll updated as I move along.

The opening in the housing is 23mm so I will be able to get 2 XPG's tucked inside with the driver just behind. I may ditch the housing mounted switch and go with a switch in the cable.

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I will be watching this, I have some old lights I want to upgrade. I just need to do it already and see what it's all about.
This driver will do what you want. The output runs anywhere between 800 to 1100 mA.

A buckpuck would also work to a certain degree. The battery will come off the charger at 8.4 V. The buckpuck should drop the voltage when the battery is fresh off the charger and then fall out of regulation as battery voltage drops. Then the LEDs will go to direct drive and slowly dim as the battery voltage continues to drop. The drop is not very noticeable since your eyes constantly adjust to the light level.
Just an option.

That is a cool extrusion. How do you plan to cover the optics? Going to try and cut some polycarb in the shape of that opening?
I was thinking I would cut the internal corners out a little and then fit a piece of plastic flush with the front. For the rear I will cut a piece of flat aluminum and then attach with screws.

I pulled about 30 feet of that aluminum out of the dumpster next door to our shop. At the time I didn't know what to do with it.

Thanks for the driver info
Be aware that driver is flagged as on Back Order on DX at the moment. You could be waiting literally months for them to turn up rather than the normal weeks. I'm still waiting for some switches that I didn't notice were on back order that I ordered in October.
You can get the same driver, or very close to the same at Kaidomain for a couple of dollars more for 4 of them... and they are in stock:

Another driver to take a look at is: from kaidomain. Many of us have had really good luck with these.

The DX version is a couple of dollars less expensive and has the same chip... I have only used them in a couple of builds but they have been working great so far, however they say they are backordered... so wait time might be long:

anyway, looks like a lof of fun and should be a great build!
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