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Going up to Alpine next weekend

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I'm headed up to Alpine with the family next weekend for a little R&R. Looking for any trail recommendations in the area. I'll have a seven year old little Gromit in tow so we're really looking for some not to tech single track. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.
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There's a USFS MTB trail just east of town east of the lake (off the road to the lake's main RV campground). Has a couple of distance/difficulty options. My wife was able to navigate our kid around (2y.o. in a jogger stroller) most of the short loop. I did the long loop and was happy to be spinning the legs bit it was neither steep nor technical.
Could be good for your intentions. Nice setting and fun, if simple.
what idaz said - the trail leaves from the CG. I was just there, it's raining most every afternoon. great pie @ the bear wallow cafe! + bring some bug dope - Steve Garro, Coconino Cycles.
sweet thanks for the heads up. I think I know the trail you're speaking of. We've stayed in that campground b4 and I think I've hiked the tail.
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