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Going Tubeless on an 09' Enduro SL Expert

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I've had my 09' Enduro Expert since early spring and now I think its time to go tubeless. I was told that the wheel/ tire combo is 'tubeless ready'. I ordered some Stan's sealant already and if I need to, Ill use some Gorilla tape on the wheels.

With that being said, what do I need to go tubeless?

Here are some pics of the bike for your enjoyment: :D

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I've used the DT Swiss / Eclipse tubeless kit on my Enduro SL successfully. Plenty in the archives on the subject.
I highly recommend that you only go tubeless on the rear wheel. A front tire burping (losing air out of the side) at Enduro speeds is asking for a broken something or another.
PB Matrix said:
I highly recommend that you only go tubeless on the rear wheel. A front tire burping (losing air out of the side) at Enduro speeds is asking for a broken something or another.
Well we're not all Ricky Bobby fast like you:D
haha...PB Matrix, I dont go flying down the trails just yet... Im still getting used to the bike... I weigh about 150 w/ gear so should I worry about burping with the front tire if there is adequate pressure in there to begin with?

Would Gorilla tape be needed with the "DT Swiss E440S, 26mm, sleeved w/eyelets, 32h" wheels and "S-Works Eskar, 26x2.3", 120 TPI, aramid tubeless ready bead, dual compound" tires? Or can I just do Stan's in there and call it a day?
Yes, use Gorilla tape.

The front tire will not burp at speed, happens more when you are going down a switchback, putting lots of torque and weight on the side wall of the front tire, and it lets go of the rim, and goes flat fast. This just happens to be a time when you really need the front wheel and tire to be working. But at 150, 2Bliss tires, and those rims, you might be OK.
Thanks PB Matrix! Thats reassuring to hear... Will do on the Gorilla tape with about 3oz. of Stan's sauce... Im not looking forward to burping on the trail while riding but Ill have to deal with it when it happens...

When that does happen, is it just a matter of just making sure the bead is seated and re-inflate? Dunno about that happening with a mini hand pump though...
+1 on the spare tube. Not only for burping, but also for when your sidewall is slashed the stans cannot seal the hole.
Been tubeless on the front and back of my SL now for well over a year and have had more issues with the back actually. Nothing a tube would have been able to prevent either, just harsh AZ trails. I say do it, and dont look back! (DO carry an extra tube though, be it for your buddy that might need and not have one, or if you happen to tear a sidewall like mentioned above, and need a way to get the wheel rideable again so youre not walking)

I have a question regarding the OT too though. Looking at a Safire for the amazing lady in my life, and was told that the wheels and tires are tubeless ready as well. Its not so much the tires that I have questions about, but as far as the wheels go (this Safire is a 2010 with the DT Swiss X420SL rims) what exactly does 'tubeless ready' mean in this case? Will we just need to buy a tubeless presta valve, or will we need to get the Stans Strips (or something similar) in order for them to REALLY be tubeless ready wheels? Living in AZ and riding rocky, cactus littered trails, UST is where its at.
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Stan's for me

I did the tubeless conversion on my 2010 expert using stan's standard strips with 3 oz of sealant. The wheels are DT E440S which I believe is what is on your 2009. I have the original S-works eskar in the front and the standard eskar in the rear and found this setup extremely easy to convert. Aired up with a floor pump and sealed up in a couple of hours. I have not burped any air from the tires even when landing 6' drops to flat. I currently run 30 psi front and rear. I also carry a spare tube just in case.

Go for it!
Thanks guys! Kealoha, instead of the Stans's strips, I hope that the Gorilla Tape method would suffice. All I hear is good things about going tubeless and the low pressures you can run... Im hoping to run low to mid 20s for psi... Does rider weight dictate the pressures which can be run?
I will try lowering my pressure a couple psi at a time and let you know how it goes. I never tried anything below 28 in the front and 30 in the rear because it felt just right at those pressures. I have had some hard landings that I was sure I'd burp a tire but was amazed how well they hold air. BTW I weigh just a tick under 170 all geared up.

Tubeless tires roll well over roots and rocks you'll be amazed. I used stan's strips because I had a pair lying around from a previous tubeless attempt with Easton XC2 wheels and kenda nevegal 2.1s on my FSR-XC. Those were a challenge to air up and it was tough to fully seat the beads evenly. I'm glad I tried it on the Enduro...super easy!!!
Keoloha, how long you been running tubeless. Any flats so far.

I bought the dt Swiss conversion kit for my enduro comp. What do I do if I get a thorn in the tire and get a flat. D I just put more sealant in
I first converted to tubeless about two years ago on my 06 FSRXC and been running tubeless on my Enduro for about a few months now. Never had a flat (or are aware of one) since running tubeless. You just need to make sure you have sealant in your tires from time to time.

I lowered the pressure on my tires this past weekend to see how it reacts...25 psi in the front and 27 in the rear and no problems to report. They roll over roots even better now!
mcgong said:
Keoloha, how long you been running tubeless. Any flats so far.

I bought the dt Swiss conversion kit for my enduro comp. What do I do if I get a thorn in the tire and get a flat. D I just put more sealant in
If you get a thorn in the tyre/tire just keep riding. It will seal pretty quickly. The worst case I encountered for this required me to pump the tyre/tire up after it had sealed.

The question you should have asked was what to do it you get a gash in the sidewall ;) In that case, have an inner tube handy...
Thanks Keoloha and DSG for the replies. Excited to hear you can run sub 30 PSI without issues. I also had planned to carry a tube and tire patch kit with me just in case.

So last night I completed my DT Swiss Tubeless conversion on my 2010 Enduro Comp. I wouldn't say the conversion was any easy one, but its not hard as well, just a pain. The rubber strip that comes with the kit is pain in a$$ to the put on. My fingers are still numb from trying to stretch that thing around the rim. Secondly, I had a tough time trying to set the rear wheel beed. The stripe that gets added from the kit, creates a groove for the bead to sit in so when you start to pump the tire up, you sometimes will hear a pop from the bead seating, like a car tire. The instructions say not to use any soap and water to help the bead seat, but I was at the point where I didn't know what else to do, the bead didn't want to pop. After I used a little bit of soap and water though, the bead popped immediately and set.

With this kit, you can use a hand pump to inflate the tire. I used a floor pump and it worked just fine. Even after I let out all the air, the bead still sits snugly next to the rim. Not sure how Stans is or other kits, but this kit seems pretty legit, of course you pay the hefty price tag for it, but I didn't want to take any chances with the ghetto setups.

This morning I got up and the air was still holding in the tire. I plan on riding this weekend in Aliso Woods (California) down "Rock It" to really test it out, and the bike for that matter (will be my 3rd time riding it) :)

Why did I go tubeless? For one, I like running lower pressure and I'm tired of getting flats. I got 5 flats last month when I had my 2010 FSRxc. When I got this bike last Saturday, my first run on it I didn't bother to check the tire pressure assuming that the shop check it all before I took ownership of it. Wrong. After the the ride I got home to check out the bike and pressure was set to 25 front and back. My second ride I filled the tires up to 40psi and it just wasn't the same. I got a taste of the good stuff :) So I am hoping with this conversion, I will be able to run somewhere around 35 PSI rear and 30 PSI front without getting anymore pinch flats.

Sorry to the OP for highjacking the thread. Hope this information helps though.
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