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Going Tubeless (I Think)... Larsen TT A Good Candidate?

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I guess it's time to go tubeless... I'm tired of flatting. Had good luck till recently - had to stop in a race this past Saturday to deal with the rear tire. It was a rocky as hell section - got me.

I just put on a Maxxis Larsen TT in the back (haven't picked the new front yet) and am wondering if there's anything I should know before ordering my Stans kit and gu'in up. Any reason this tire wouldn't be a good candidate for conversion?

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I've used both the standard and the exception series and they both work great.
You'll love the tubeless and Stan's is great... no total flats for me in 2 years.

I recently "got it good" and rolled to a stop with the dreaded hisssssss. I found the spot, turned it downward, shook the wheel, leak stopped, added a little air and kept on going. That was 2 weeks ago and still riding...

Also I recently took off a rear tire I that had been on for about 2 or 3 months. I was changing it out for a tire better in sloppy winter conditions.

I rinsed out the Stan's stuff and for the heck of it I felt the inside as if I were about to put in a new tube.... I ended up pulling out 2 goathead's and 7 black berry stickers! SO in just 3 months the Stan's probably saved me NINE flats!

SWEET! Good luck, have fun :)
Awesome! Thanks guys!
the Exception carcass is really paper thin, if you're not after the last gramm you may want to try the Standard. One of the few flats I had with tubeless was with an Exception. Rammed a dull twig throug the sidewall !!!
second that on the thin sidewalls. Stopped using the tt's and went back to my 2.35 advantage after stone cut through sidewall bad. Sealant would not seal up. Depends on type of riding you do. This wa going round a berm on 4x track and a flint got me.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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