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Going to Relief/ Nevada City This Weekend

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I just found out I'm going camping in Relief CA this weekend. Any ride suggestions. I can climb so no shuttles necessary. I normally ride Skegg's, Demo, Waterdog and Montara Mt. in Pacifica. I'm XC oriented from the East Coast...I like rocks and enjoy technical riding, on the other end I'm not afraid of walking stuff that's too scary. I'm in good shape so a 30 miler/6,000 feet of climbing would be nice.
Thanks for your suggestions.
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meet @ Edwards Crossing out of Nevada City @ 9:30AM

South Yuba
Meet at Flour Garden, Elm Ave, Auburn for carpool options at 8:30am. Bring plenty of food and water, and be ready to swim! It will be hot.
Ride begins at Edwards Crossing, ride Malakoff Rim trail, Missouri Bar and back along the river. Strong skills and endurance needed. 22 miles/4 hrs. 2400 ft. climbing, some water crossings.
When June 27th, 2009 8:30 AM through 3:00 PM
Location Flour Garden
Shopping Center off Elm Ave
Auburn , CA
Contact 916-335-2927
Email: [email protected]

Ride data

Ride data
Ride LeaderPaul Ludden Ride Length (miles)22 Elevation Gain (feet)2400 Ride PaceQuick Ride DifficultyThrilling Meeting Location DirectionsFlour Garden, Elm Ave, Auburn
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The ride mentioned above is a good one, but it will be hot in the canyon.

If you're looking for something cooler, try Pioneer Trail. It runs parallel to Highway 20 between Nevada City and the Omega rest area. A good trailhead to park at is the little market across the street from Scott's Flat Rd. where it intersects with Hwy 20. The trail stays close to 20 on the north side of the road and then crosses the highway at White Cloud Campground, before continuing up to Omega. The first part before White Cloud is very cruiser, nice warm-up, and then the other stuff gets a little bit more tech, and further from the highway. All is shaded forested, flowy singletrack – nothing all that technical, but still enjoyable.
This Saturday? Will be Blazing HOT up there.

Having ridden both, I'd pick Pioneer as well in this heat.:cool:

Otherwise, you're signing up for a death slog. Granted you can jump in the river maybe...

If you don't mind starting really early, though, you'll be fine. I'm usually on the trails at 630 or 7am during the heat of summer.
Are you camping at Malakoff Diggins State Park?
Friends of our's organized a camping trip to Gene's Pine Aire campground in Washington this weekend. The place was super dusty and loaded with ATV's driving around all weekend. Soaking in the river was super nice.

I went for ride on the South Yuba River Trail starting at the trailhead near Washington. The scenery was amazing and trail is super fun. I personally prefer a more technical trail, but with the heat I was fairly glad that wasn't an aspect. I would definatly like to go back to spend more time on this trial. Next time I'll hold back on the beer and wine the night before. I think that combined with the heat and a small breakfast put the hurtin' on me.
Here's link to my motionbased summary of the ride
If you want some technical, next time head up to Grouse Ridge, not very far from Washington.
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