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ok gang...
here it is...

my life in various ways, has changed a bunch! which is good.
fun too

so i'm selling off a bunch of my stuff, with the notion that im heading out on a big ol bike tour, aka: Hobo Mode, for as long as i'd like. :)

so here it is.
my Moto Rapido that has had little use, as I've been so ridiculously infatuated with my Pug for the last 2 years or whatever its been.
its that and the xtracycle

the moto rapido, along with other bikes rarely see use.
therefore, I've taken it apart, and now selling off some of the things.

its an awesome frame, and has very little use.

i also have a SID for it that is in excellent shape
as it was used on the pavement.

crazy how this has become...i not use a dirt bike in the dirt. default of giving up driving a car and riding the Pug.

also a set of CrossMax UST for sale.

im trying to sell things off, stash the cash back, and go Hobo Mode on a new Big Dummy.

oh ya...and i also dug out this old school Boone Ti 8spd cogset.
they are straight cut cogs, no ramps.
28, 24, 21, 18, 16, 14, 12, 11t



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