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I have one of those cheap Shimano Altus cranksets where all 3 chainrings are riveted together, and I need to know what is the easiest least expensive way to replace it with a single 36t in the middle and be able to have a bash on the outer. I have a 3x8 and I am yearning to go 1x9, I know all the other components I will need such as the cassette and chain and shifter, and I assumed i could just throw on a single 36t up front but when I inspected the chainrings I found that its the cheapo riveted style.

Ive found single speed cranksets online that I guess I could use with an MRP chain retention thingamadoo, but kinda throws the bashguard option out the window, is running a SS crankset on a 1x9 a bad idea? if so what are some cheap 3x bolted cranksets I could use? And could I just buy a spider by itself and use my old crank arms with a new unramped 36t ring?

Please help I am having trouble finding info on this matter.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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