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Just wondering if anyone can help out with Lens selection for the Leatt Velocity 6.5 goggles or the Smith Squad Chromapop goggles?

I'm looking for a lens that is for mixed conditions. Some possible glare/sun, maybe partially cloudy or overcast. Works well for any of those. The only thing I really want to stay away from is the super dark Mirror lenses. I'm open to any suggestions on VLT of 30% or more though. For in and out of the woods. Something that has very crisp sharp vision, great depth perception and contrast.

I've read that in general, that Light Blue lenses from any brand are one of the best lenses for increased contrast. It helps separate the dark brown mud, dirt, and trees and other stuff. And also is pretty good in mixed light (low light, some glare, or cloudy).

Also have read that the mirror blue lenses are very similar to the light blue lens, just a touch better at cutting down on glare, but still excellent for all the reasons the light blue lens are great.

Then I also see from Leatt, a Rose UC (ultra contrast) lens. And it also claims to do a lot of the same things the light blue and mirror blue lenses do.

So just wondering if anyone can chime in on what your favorite color lens from Leatt is. Maybe explain what the difference is between the Light Blue, Mirror Blue and Rose UC? And what do things look like through each lens? What color do they turn everything? Which on is best for mixed conditions with incredible contrast, depth perception and clarity?

Also, if anyone has any experience with the Smith Squad goggles and the ChromaPop Contrast Rose Flash lens. I've read that's another amazing lens for what I'm looking for. Is the Smith or Leatt better in regards to the mixed conditions, some glare reduction, incredible contrast, depth perception and clarity?
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