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y'all will like this one... so i am returning from a long afternoon riding yesterday in redwood, JMP and chabot, ending the ride after coming down cinderella on the stretch of sunset trail that ends on pavement (castle road?) in Montlclair when i fly over plastic fencing that was laying on the trail, it jams my rear wheel and by some stroke of luck i come to a stop instead of flying ... I look up ahead and there is a white plastic fence strung ACROSS the trail, penning in a herd of goats and me along with it.

i saw the goats on the beginning of the ride but the shepards moved the fence during my ride. a guy comes down who doesn't speak english but i gather that the fence is electrified and that they will move it tomorrow!. "Ah, i need to get from here on this side of the fence, to there on that side of the fence, now..." I gesture. he moves the "electric" fence and i hit pavement shaking my head... not really any point to the story except that wacky stuff happens on the trail and i guess it's what makes life interesting...

i guess it is funny that my screen name is billygoat - serves me right...
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