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Seems like a really late-to-the-game comparison, but quite well done/executed.

Hero 10 is about to drop in a few days... (and unless they spring some big surprises on the world with the launch, I don't see myself actually partaking in this year's upgrade cycle for the first time in quite a while.)

From the time I've got with both the 8 and 9 though, the 8 was fantastic, and had the luxury of not using a new battery size. It had great stabilization, but sucked nuts with that permanent lens.

9... wasted battery and space and cost on a stupid color front screen that I'd gladly trade for the older segmented LCD type again. New battery size/type. BUT, brought back replaceable lenses and more importantly the max lens mod which takes stabilization to levels the 8, or even basic 9, couldn't dream of. If it weren't for that I'd probably still be running 8's exclusively.

Other than those features/functions, they might as well be the same camera as far as my needs/uses. Just for reference though, my shooting is in AZ where bright daylight is in abundant supply, and tree canopy, or even clouds cover, are rare.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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