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Ok i bought an ironhorse and now im goin upgrade obsessive, lookin at shocks and cranks and such and this owner at an LBS offered me 1/2 price on any in stock 2003 shocks he had and this is what i found

2003 Duke SL with U Turn
2003 Black Elite
2003 Physlo XC

and then at another show i found a

2003 Skareb Comp for about as much as the Elite

I read reviews on all of them and it dint sound pretty at all, the rockshox sounded like they leaked worse than a blown up oil tanker and the skareb RA would bust after a month and almost be a death trap. In canada the prices im gettin a pretty good compared to what new would be.
Im about 185 lbs, 5'7, i ride mostly intermediate trails, i do the often messing around like hop some rocks at the local park and do a set of stairs here and there when im bored.

Should i stay away from these '03 models and save up for a nice '04?
Im not really in a rush, id rather have quality over a headache. Right now i ride an '04 manitou Six Six and i find it to be pretty decent and holds up well to what i put out..bottom it out once and a while. I cant order from US mailorders cuz i kno 50 ppl will say i can get a skareb for $220 off Jensons or what not.

Any opinions would be grateful, thanx
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