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glow in the dark bike

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this guy invented the glow in the dark tape for bicycles.

do you guys think the reflective tape is 3M tape?
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Not a new invention, but a good idea. You can go to any vinyl sign shop and they'll have it. There are a lot of companies that make it. If you put all that he has on his bike it will add about 1.5 lbs to the bike. Ask them if they have left over stock they aren't using or it will cost you a ton! When I worked at a sign shop in high school we'd have a lot left over from custom jobs. You can get it in about any color you want.
Puma had a folding bike as well that was glow in the dark.

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Russell has had a glow in the dark Waterford for a good while. He even threatened to loan it to me when I broke my Rig way back when.
mtnbiker72 said:
Vicious Cycles has been doing glow in the dark paint jobs for many years

Impress and trip your friends out at rave partys.

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Yup, it sure does. It's so fun when you're in a super dark gully at night and turn off the lights. .
jeffw-13 said:
Niner's 'Atomic Blue' glows in the dark.


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