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Glasses friendly helmets

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Any recommendations for helmets that are glasses friendly. I’m back in glasses after 8 years and having trouble with pain around the glasses arms with my both my current helmets(fox drop frame/bell super 3r).
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I've had TLD both A2 and A3, not much prob with glasses. The A3 has redesigned rear fit tensioner (roc loc type thingy) specific that it doesn't interfere with glass temples. The A2 and others would sometimes do that and I'd have to put them on a certain way to minimize. I use Oakleys which have straight temples so its possible to wear them over some of those instead of being under.
I think there are too many variables for this question to apply to many individuals. Factoring the shape of ones head, the compatibility of the helmet to the individual, then factor the glasses, their shape and head & helmet compatibility to the individual.
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Another TLD A2 rider here. No issues with glasses. Didn't with the older A1 either.
I've had many different pairs of glasses and many different helmets over the years and never had an issue with any of them. Maybe your helmet straps are adjusted too tight, or too close to your ears?
Been using a Fox Proframe with glasses for multi-hour rides and no issues.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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