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Giving away bike parts?

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I have a pile of old parts I don't need anymore, but still have some life, and I'm loath to throw away. I'm thinking about posting a couple ads on craigslist as free to whoever picks them up; at least they might get some more use. But the problem is, I'm worried about someone doing something stupid with them, getting hurt, and then suing me. Basically, I don't get anything giving them away or throwing them away, but if I give them away, I might be opening myself up to liability.

What say you?
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There's usually a group in every large city that takes donations and fixes up bikes for under priveledged kids. Might check with the local shops to see if they know if there is a group in your area.
If you want to sell, or give away, to another private individual, just specify "AS IS"; not 100% necessary, but to CYA, it's a good idea. That covers you from liability from stupidity.

If you want to donate, there's no shortage of outlets who will gladly take the stuff off your hands.

(or you could send me a list, and we can deal! Well, maybe........)
Send them this -----> way.

CL would be the best way to go with an "As-Is".
Bikes Not Bombs

Google this. Its in Boston. They assemble or recycle bikes to give to 3rd world needies.
Unfortunately I'm not in Boston, and there's no way I'm paying shipping on this stuff.

Right now I'm leaning toward just throwing them away, since my craigslist experiences have been quite a hassle.
Your profile says that you live in MD. There is a bike coop in Mt. Rainier, MD, and I think that there is another one in Baltimore somewhere. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, so I have no idea if they are a worthy cause or not, but it beats throwing good parts in the trash.
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