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I believe they all went "stale" a couple years ago...

bernard gervais said:
Someone could give me information if its still possible to get elastomeres for girvin forck
As I'm sure you're aware they do breakdown after a while. Right around 2001 I spoke to the K2 rep., and he said that they had them but they're all dried out and hard (6 years, at the time from the last time they produced them). I believe you can get Noleen Coil Over's through K2 that could work. Or maybe Risse Racing still makes/has some of theirs (they made them as retro-fits for a while). How ever the price of those units is more than a mid-level close-out modern fork (Black/Psylo/Duke/MX). Unless you're doing it for retro/collector purposes your money would be better spent on a different fork.

Hope this helps
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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