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Giant warranty

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Let's hear some experiences and answer some of the basic questions like how long it lasts, what does it cover and are there any changes for 2009 bikes.
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Screw warranty. By the time you get your frame back it's the end of the season you have gained 50 lbs due to lack of riding and are depressed because the snow has begun to fly.

Make friends with a sandblaster. Make sure your brother can weld anything and everything and do your own repairs. It's faster. Way faster. My old Kona cracked at the headtube and because it was a LTD bike (kona Blaze) they said it would take 3 months. So I got the frame blasted my brother to weld it and had the welds mag particled. Sent the reports to Kona and they paid for the repair costs and said they would continue my warranty. So screw warranties they just bring trouble and no one is satified in the end.

Sorry I did not answer your question this is just the first time I've had a chance to vent.
It took forever to get my frame back. Then you have to pay a shop to build your bike b/c it needs to be done by an authorized dealer. Its fun.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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