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Issue: I broke my 29" XTC Composite frame in November '13. This was my 2nd frame as I broke my 1st frame.

Problem: It's mid-March and I've yet to be given a new warranty frame.

Perception: This seems to be too long of a wait for Giant to give my LBS (where I bought the original bike) a replacement frame.

Question: Does anybody have contact info for Giant warranty personnel so that I can call them myself and inquire why a replacement frame is hard to come by?

Ideally, because I've broken this frame 2x now, I'm looking to upgrade to the 29" Advanced SL HT frame. That said, I'm now thinking this will be my last Giant.

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Yep. Seriously, every second of contact between you and Giant needs to go through your LBS. And that's absolutely a long time, considering my turn around was less than a week.

If you want to "upgrade" your frame, they should be able to do "crash replacement" on the upgraded frame. In otherwords, they'll give you the "value" of the old frame, but you'll have to make up the difference.

In every instance of warranty service through Giant taking a long time that I've heard of, the LBS has been the weak link. You might just have to light a fire under them. Are you in the US, or elsewhere?
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