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Hi guys.

I have a 2013 trance that I love. I would like to do some xc races and am looking at modifications I can do to make it more suitable.

My intention is to put the bike on a diet. I'm planning on some lighter wheels and carbon components.

I'd considered the spacer to lower the fork to 100mm travel but the LBS suggested that wasn't a good idea. I was also thinking of an angled headset to steepen the angle and hopefully sharpen the steering. I've seen lots of posts with people using angle sets to slacken the angle but I couldn't find anything going the other way.

Has as anyone done anything similar and can offer suggestions?

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My first reaction to this is - I know a guy who has a friend that races his Trance XC and does very well. I don't think he changed the geometry any. Get a wolftooth narrow wide front ring and convert it to 1x, ditch the FD, not chain guide. You're on the right track with lighter wheels. Ditch the dropper post if you have one.
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