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Giant trance 27.5 or?

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I happened to find a medium 27.5 in stock at the warehouse and it is on its way to my lbs but now i seem to be having 2nd thoughts after finding that its frame is essentially still 2017ish. Should i be looking at a trance x with the newer flip chip frame or something else? Not in a rush to buy but the trance just came in stock and i have found a trance x within a hundred miles.
A little about me currently have a 140mm 26er and a hardtail 27.5+ bike that is long and slack that i ride most of the time. Looking to upgrade my full suspension. Ride a medium frame. Live in eastern washington where its rocky desert and i drive to the cascades once in a while to ride forest singletrack. Blue/black trails.
Any input is appreciated, trying to stay in the price point $25-2700 of these bikes. The 27.5 being specced better than the trance x is a stumbling point of the x. I have looked at the siskiu t8 is the maestro suspension better than the faux link?
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Go with the trance 27.5

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