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Giant Stance Fork noise

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Hi all,

So I have been testing this bike for 4 consecutive days around my neighborhood to check it, and today, it started making a sucking noise.

It's coming from the Crest fork when it's fully open and on slowest rebound setting. It does not make the same sound when I turn the dial all the way to quick rebound. I am sure it did not make this sound the first 2 days I had it.

Is this normal or do I bring it to the bike shop for them to check ?

(BTW, I'm new here and a noob with mtn bikes. I only bought this bike to exercise and go to my neighborhood trail when i get the time)


edit: just finished uploading the video:

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There’s been some issues with that fork and I owned that same bike this summer (since sold) and I didn’t hear that noise coming from my fork. I’d take it back.

Overall I liked the bike. I did develop a squeak noise from my rear shock that was very annoying, but nothing from the fork. But like I said, google that fork, there’s plenty of information about failures from that fork. I’m sure it’s ok to ride, and might not even get worse, but with a new bike you probably want to have it documented and fixed. It is a great bike for the money though.
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